Giveaway – Orange Mud Handeld Hydration System


This is a pretty exciting post! First, it is my first giveaway from my new home on the web, and secondly…it’s a product that many people have been asking about and waiting for. Recently, Orange Mud the makers of the HydraQuiver hydration packs and transition wraps launched a new product. Runners have different tastes and preferences when it comes to how they choose to carry their hydration and nutrition. Some like bladder hydration packs, others like the vest option, and some really love handhelds. The mad scientists at Orange Mud listening and developed a really rockin’ handheld to offer endurance athletes all over the universe.


Let me share something with you. We are friends here we can be honest. I hate handhelds. I don’t like them. The Master Scientist at Orange Mud doesn’t care for them either. So, as we do at Orange Mud…products we don’t really care for we take them to another level and create something we would want to use. This puppy doesn’t disappoint! The handheld holds 21 ounces of fluid, which is plenty for a great training run or even racing. This also means they are easy to refill. The hand strap is wider than normal to allow for maximum comfort and torsional stability…that basically means you won’t feel lop-sided or off balanced with this hydration system.

It is equipped with the signature Orange Mud reflective webbing so you will feel safe running in the evening. My favorite feature has to be the pocket made for phones! Yes ladies and gentleman, the handheld WILL hold your phone! For social media blogging type unicorns like myself this is the best thing since the qwerty keyboard! There is also storage available for gels and other nutrition…and a clip for a house or car key! Listen, this handheld rocks!


It comes in four colors! Black, Grey, Orange, and Sharpie Purple! Yes I am calling it Sharpie Purple because it was my suggestion for Purple! The scientists approved and it was created! YAY ME!


The handheld retails for $29.95 and is now available on the Orange Mud website! Of course you can use my discount code ABLINZROCKS to save 15%! OR you can enter to win one now! Use the RaffleCopter below and one lucky US winner will score one of these bad boys! No purchase necessary, open to US residents only. The winner will be announced on Friday! Good luck everyone!

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June RunnerBox Review

I am happy to bring you my first RunnerBox review as one of the newest Blog Ambassadors!! I received my new box early last week and was really excited. I mean, what runner doesn’t enjoy receiving presents??? With RunnerBox you can select the frequency in which you want to receive these awesome presents! And every month the boxes change! YAHOO! Well, I want to share some of the goodies I got this month! There are a few things I am really anxious to try! That’s another one of the awesome benefits of subscribing to RunnerBox! You can always sample and try new products without the huge commitment of purchasing a product not knowing if you will like it or not.

Lock Laces – Many runners know about Lock Laces. I have heard of them but I’ve never owned a pair. Lock Laces basically remove the need for you to worry about tying your shoes when you are out there running. They also eliminate heel crushing and reduce pressure points! So I’ll be excited to give these a try.

Generation UCAN! – This is a product that was pitched to me when I was at the Boston Marathon expo. Funny enough, Meb uses this stuff…and he won Boston! Generation UCAN is a drink powder that is known to provide steady energy and put your body in the ideal performance state whit ion spikes and crashes…or GI stress. The reason I didn’t buy it in Boston was because of the price tag on the box…so I will be really interested to see how this works, and how it compliments my other fuel. I was really excited to pull this product out of the box.

Mud Energy Gel – Not a big gel fan. But for those that are, I think it is interesting that this particular gel uses coconut water and has 12 grams of protein…and of course uses chocolate (hence the name mud right?) Can’t say I will use it but good to know it’s out there. If you have used it I would love to hear your thoughts.

PureFit Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Premium Protein Bar – I’ve been known to enjoy a PureFit bar once or twice and I gotta say these are really tasty! In fact, I like having snackage to take along with me on long trail runs, this seems to hit the mark. I have also had this flavor and it is NOMTASTIC! Tasty, full of protein and developed by athletes. Winner!

Pure Clean Beet Powder – I like beets, they are nature’s candy don’t cha know. Brownie points to whoever gets that reference. Anyway. I didn’t know that someone would take beets and turn them into a powder…well they did. Pure Clean is organic, full-strength beet juice…just in powder form. So essentially you literally just add water. Interesting. The nitrates are still included with the package! You can also use it in juice and smoothies. This may be part of my breakfast tomorrow. A great example of a product I had no idea existed that catches my curiosity. MMM Beets….

Fuel 100 Salty Vanilla Electro-Bites – These little guys are designed to help extend training and improve race performance. The packs are only 100 calories, and the bites have a salty taste that dissolve easily in your mouth. Some of their ingredients include coconut oil and agave syrup. Not quite sure what to think about these, but they do sound tasty. Sounds like a road test is in order.

EBOOST – Hydration mix time! The flavor I got was pink lemonade! YAY, how awesome is that for summer time? So, EBOOST powders have a bunch of interesting things in them. Green tea, green coffee (what?), various vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants of course. Good news is that is doesn’t have any artificial colors or sweeteners. No sugar. That’s a good thing. It may be worth a sip for sure…but more research on the green coffee is needed. 😉

Veggie-Go’s Chewy Fruit and Veggie Snack – Fruit Leathers! YAY! I’m a big kid so anything that reminds me of my old lunch box is a winner in my mind. These babies are organic fruit strips but they also have half a serving of veggies in them, now that’s pretty damn cool. Of course they are also packed with vitamins and minerals…these will find their way into my lunch box tomorrow.

Lenny & Larry’s Peanut Butter Crunch FIT Protein Brownie – More peanut butter! ALL THE PROTEIN! Instead of making a bar, these folks made a brownie. I appreciate that. Different textures and consistencies can be fun to experiment with. It’s gluten free, has no GMOs, low sugar, and has 13 grams of protein. Seems like something I would be interested in chomping on!

RunnerBox Towel – Thanks guys for tossing in this lovely little gem! It is getting hot here in so cal so a microfiber towel is always welcome! It’s really kind of neat! Me Likes Swag!

All in all, I am really satisfied with the box. The total value of everything in the box is $30.99. That’s more than what you would have paid for it. I’m calling this one a victory. I may not use all the products, but that doesn’t mean that they are bad. I am also interested in trying some of the new things like Generation UCAN, the Beet Powder, and I’m gonna tear into that veggie snack. Pretty sweet!

Want to get started with RunnerBox? I have a discount code for you! SSRUNRB will save you 10% on any RunnerBox subscription! Take a look! Try something new!

Product Review – Orange Mud Hydraquiver

Hydration is a critical part of any athlete’s training, racing, or conditioning. Hydration is the sweet elixir of life and without it…well we all know what happens. When you are out on your run, what do you bring with you to ensure you have enough liquid fuel to sustain your body for the duration of your workout? Some folks use handheld water bottles, others have fuel belts with small water bottle attachments, and others use hydration bladder systems. I heard that some runners even high leprechauns to set up aid stations along their route…lucky! I have used all of these items, and honestly I don’t have a favorite. I mean, if I have to choose one I think the hand held is probably the thing I will reach for first. All that changed when I was introduced to Orange Mud. 

Orange Mud is a local Southern California company that makes arguably one of the best hydration systems for runners. I would like to introduce you to the HydraQuiver by Orange Mud! The HydraQuiver is a sleek, comfortable hydration systems for runners. The HydraQuiver fits comfortably over your shoulders and gently rests on your back, like a backpack. It is padded for comfort and does not chafe what so ever. Trust me, I took mine with me on my last Trail Marathon and didn’t have any chafe issues at all. The HydraQuiver houses a 24 ounce bottle that fits securely in the pack. Worried about bouncing? Not an issue. This puppy stays put! I put it through the ringer doing the Griffith Park Trail Marathon which has over 3700 feet of elevation gain and loss on the trails…that sucker didn’t bounce or chafe at ALL! Your hydration is within reach…right over your shoulder. This enables you to continue moving forward while grabbing some liquid and continuing on your journey.

What I think is probably the winning factor of this device is how much storage is in this thing! I put it to the test a few weeks ago. I placed my car keys, my nutrition (Clif Blocs and EnergyBits), and 7 packs of Skratch Labs packets. Would you believe I had plenty of room left? Now of course doing this will cause your pack to get a little heavier, but a small adjustment of the shoulder straps and no problem. There is also a port so you can pull your headphone cord through and safely keep your iPod or phone inside your pack. BRILLIANT! Did I mention it comes in a ton of colors to match your personality or your outfit? Comfort, convenience, and versatility. I do my best not to run without this thing. It really is one of my staple items for my gear catalog. If you are looking for a hydration solution for your trail or road runs that stays put, provides plenty of hydration, and is versatile enough to handle whatever you throw at is, the Orange Mud HydraQuiver is what you’re looking for!

As an Orange Mud Ambassador, I can offer you a great discount on the store online! CLICK HERE to be taken to the store. Then when you get to check out, use code ABLINZROCKS to save yourself 15%! Let them know I sent you over! Don’t sit around and wait…you have to have one of these bad boys! If I were Oprah, this would totally be on my Favorite Things list! GO ORANGE MUD!

5 Reasons Why I Love Skratch

As a runner, one of the most important things is hydration. Sometimes, water is enough…we need to ensure our electrolytes are primed and ready for that training run or that race. There are tons of different drink mixes and tablets out there and I have some of my staples and go-to items. But, Skratch Labs hydration mix changed my world. This stuff is the real deal! Much like my relationship with EnergyBits, I like to fuel and hydrate with products that are as clean and natural as possible. Skratch not only is a natural product, but it is absolutely delicious! So I want to talk about 5 different reasons why Skratch is now my hydration of choice for training and races!

5. The Cool Swag! The folks over at Skratch are real down to Earth! They understand their customer and want to provide high quality hydration mix, and they want you to look awesome when you’re drinking it. No shock to anyone, but I like to make a statement…and water bottles are an essential part of that! I scored the Polar Bottle and the Liberty Bottle. My Polar Bottle did an amazing job of keeping my Skratch cold for hours! And it looks really awesome! My Liberty bottle is a little more subtle but just as neat. With it’s matte black finish and debossed Skratch logos make it sleek and stylish. It gets bonus points or being made out of 100% recycled metal materials! It also does a great job of keeping the good stuff nice and cold! Yay for swag…it’s important.

4. Variety! Skratch comes in four varieties; daily electrolyte mix, exercise hydration mix, HOT exercise hydration mix, and hyper hydration mix. Now I haven’t tried the hyper hydration mix…it sounds intense. I want to focus on the daily electrolyte mix and the daily hydration mix as those were the items I used the most. I tried the hot mix, and it is VERY tasty and does a great job of keeping you warm when it’s chilly outside. The electrolyte mix is what you’ll use when you are in the midst of battle. And the daily hydration is a new addition to their line up. I found myself addicted to this stuff as a daily beverage! Let me explain why…

3. Daily Electrolyte Hydration is AMAZING! Hydration can be boring, but your water doesn’t have to be (hey that’s a good line!) Water by itself is pretty bland, but adding Daily Electrolyte Mix by Skratch takes it to the next level. Now this isn’t their sport drink mix at all. This is meant to drink throughout the day to remain hydrated when you don’t want water, and you want to stay away from other naughty beverages such as soda. It comes in two flavors; lemons and limes and raspberries. I love them both! They are crisp, light, refreshing, and overall just delicious. It isn’t overwhelming or gritty. You can’t go wrong! I highly recommend this for your everyday hydration needs!

2. Exercise Hydration Mix Keeps You Moving! Listen, I love a good hydration mix that isn’t overpowering with flavor. When I am racing, I like the taste of water, but always want just a hint of flavor to awaken my pallet keep my mind stimulated. Exercise Hydration Mix meets the challenge head on! The mix comes in lemons and limes, raspberries, pineapples, HOT apples and cinnamon flavors. I tried raspberries and lemons and limes and I was very happy with the results. With this stuff, I had absolutely no stomach issues or cramping what so ever! The mix is made to help maximize your performance, and I definitely felt the results. Partnered with EnergyBits this is a marriage that is meant to last Talk about amazing performance! Real Food + Real Hydration = Real Performance!

1. All Natural! Skratch is all natural stuff. They only include ingredients we normal folks can pronounce and understand what they are for. It’s naturally sweetened with cane sugar and they use real fruit juices in their powder to create the out of this world light flavor profile! No cramps, amazing taste, great style,and very affordable! For a one pound bag of Skratch, you are looking at about $19.50, which for what you are getting in my humble opinion is absolutely spot on!

I’m in love with this stuff, I drink it all day long! I am due to place another order myself 🙂 Give it a shot and tell them I sent you! Skratch Labs is awesome! Thank guys!

Product Preview & Review – INKnBURN Retro Surf Tech Tee

It’s a new year, which means the awesome folks over at INKnBURN have been working around the clock to turn out some new fresh designs I know that all of us will enjoy and love! A few of these items have already started hitting the streets, such as the ladies pull-overs which have received some enhancements to their design! But as an ambassador, I get this question all the time…what about the guys!? What’s new for us!? Well, lucky for the guys, I’ve seen a few of the new designs (sorry can’t share yet) but I promise you there is wide range of variety and the designs are seriously outstanding! Very unique and you will not be able to get these new designs anywhere else! Often imitated never duplicated! One of the designs that made its retail debut at the Walt Disney World Marathon expo was a shirt I was excited for the minute I saw the sneak peek! I knew I had to have it! Especially being a Southern California boy…there was absolutely no way this could not make it into my closet and INKnBURN collection. Allow me to introduce you to the Retro Surf Tech Tee for guys and gals! (thunderous ovation please)

With it’s vivid colors and energy, the retro surf tech tee is something any runner needs if they have love for the ocean, surfing, or the lifestyle. Heck, it’s just a good looking tee! You’ll notice there are some icons on the tech tee that really bring out its unique character. The colors in the ocean have a very specific pattern in the design, when you move it almost is like the water is moving with you…which is the purpose of surfing in the first place. Be one with the water! The palm trees are great! You see them on all parts of the shirt and they are very detailed! Each palm branch has a personality of its very own so look closely. The INB logo is incorporated as the sun on both the from and the back! It is large on the back which I don’t mind…I mean it makes me easy to spot if I happen to be pacing folks! The beautiful multi-colored wave that sweeps around the shirt is both calming and bold at the same time. The shirt really tells an amazing story! The colors are all very complementary of one another! I feel both strong and calm at the same time in this shirt! One of my new favorites for sure!

Rear view of the tee

I paired this with the denim shorts and the current tech tube! The current design is in my opinion the soul mate to the retro surf tee! They look incredible together! One doesn’t outshine the other! They are both strong on their own, but together they are amazing! If you are running Surf City USA in just a couple weeks, you need this. Period.

This shirt should be released in a couple weeks! Production is moving along at a great pace, so you can be sure to have your hands on this beauty real soon! Also be sure to keep an eye out for new designs on the way for men and women! Like the INKnBURN Facebook page…that is where they announce new designs and street dates for release. I have to say, I was real happy this was available for purchase at the expo…I felt so special! Especially since I got SO many compliments on the tee!

Don’t forget! If you want to try INKnBURN and you’re a new customer! Create an account on their website (it takes two minutes) and when you check out, use discount code ‘LinzieToldMe’ and you will save 15% on the items in your shopping cart. As an added bonus on your next visit you’ll have 10 dollars in loyalty points to spend! Trust me, once you give these high quality, made in the USA garments a whirl, you will not ever go back! There is no problem with looking great while you run. I wouldn’t have it any other way! I am thankful for INKnBURN and their amazing team who bring these creations to life! More great art on its way! Stay tuned!

Product Review – The Mizuno Wave Rider 17

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Mizuno and their running shoes! I had the opportunity to run in my very first pair of Mizuno shoes last summer with the debut of the Wave Sayonara! To date, that is still one of my favorite shoes! Light, fast, comfortable, and vivid colors! Take a trip back in time and see my review of that shoe here. Today, I want to talk to you about one of the newest additions to the Mizuno shoe arsenal of tools! The NEW Wave Rider 17!

This shoe was released in early December 2013, the 17th generation of this bad boy and let me tell you, it is not a disappointment. I received my box and opened it to find that I received the Olympian Blue and Cyber Yellow option for the shoe! My initial reaction was “WOW she’s a beauty!” I couldn’t wait to get these bad boys on my feet. I laced them up and slid my foot inside, and what happened next was magical! I experienced that same connection with these shoes, that I did with the Wave Sayonaras. The shoe literally felt like it had melded and became part of my foot. The comfort was absolutely incredible. This may have been due to the upgraded sock liner in the shoe!

The Wave Rider 17 is available for men and women and is classified as a high mileage neutral trainer shoe. I agree. What that means is you can comfortably use this shoe for racing or training. I have done both and have had absolutely no complains. It’s adaptable and versatile! The mens shoe weighs in at only 9.2 ounces! The Wave Rider 17 has a TON of Mizuno exclusive technology built into the shoe, which gives this shoe it’s unique design, feel, and experience. Such technology includes the Mizuno Wave, which is meant to disperse impact and forces it away from your foot, and is intended to be lightweight, compact, and responsive. One of my favorite components of the shoe is the incorporation of the Smooth Ride technology which creates a smooth transition from heel to toe.

The graphical elements are crazy on this shoe I LOVE THEM! The blue and yellow are stellar colors! I absolutely LIVE for the peeled paint effect that goes toward the back of the shoe on the side! There is even some pearlized detail on that area so as the light hits it, it shimmers and turns different colors! A really sexy touch! I also appreciate the Wave Rider 17 patch which is located toward the rear of the shoe near the ankle. Now let’s talk performance.

I wanted to put these shoes through the ringer. I gave them a few test runs before I headed out to Walt Disney World to participate in the Dopey Challenge. I brought the Wave Rider 17s as my primary racing shoe, and the Wave Sayonaras as my back up in case something went wrong while I was product testing. I ran ALL 48.6 miles in this shoe! Not one blister. Not one cramp. Not one problem. The shoe literally adapts to your foot and the ground. I honestly felt like I was running on the waves. The ride was comfortable and light. I felt the area near my heel was heavy at times during the marathon, but that may have been due to poor form from dipping and dodging positions on course. After some time, this subsided. This shoe performed exceptionally well. When I took the shoe off, it held up amazingly to the stress. No rips, no tears, no faded graphics, just an amazingly well made shoe! Well Done, Mizuno!

Crossing the Walt Disney World Marathon finish line in the Wave Rider 17s

All in all, I am very satisfied with the shoe! It is a great neutral shoe that looks great, feels great, and performs beautifully. Give the shoe and good look! If not the Wave Rider, perhaps another shoe in their catalog! Mizuno is probably one of my favorite running shoe brands. I’ve yet to be disappointed with the quality and performance!

Thank you Mizuno for the chance to review another shoe!

Disclaimer/Legal Stuff: Mizuno provided the Wave Rider 17s in exchange for an honest review of their product. The above review is 100% honest is only influenced by my thoughts and experiences. Opinions and views expressed are that of See Sharp Run and not Mizuno USA. See Sharp Run believes in providing honest product reviews with the highest level of integrity.

Product Review – INKnBURN’s Long Sleeve Holiday ‘Sweater’ Tech Tee

Ya know, I think that whole facade that people put up about not liking corny holiday sweaters is a bunch of hog-wash! Everyone at least likes the idea of a holiday sweater…even if they aren’t the one wearing it. If nothing else, we like to laugh at people that do wear them…come on kids, let’s be honest…don’t end up on Santa’s naughty list for fibbing!

Well, the INKnBURN long sleeve holiday tech tee is absolutely nothing to laugh about! It has absolutely turned into a staple in my holiday collection, both for running and casual attire. For one, it isn’t itchy OR ugly! Although the shirt looks like a sweater your no-so-favorite aunt may gift you with a pair of socks, it moves, breaths, and behaves like any other INKnBURN product would. You feel comfortable, you look great, and you distance yourself from the crowd! All pluses in my book. Another thing I discovered when I wore this shirt is the versatility of the sleeves. I usually like running in short sleeve tech tees, but while in Walt Disney World with a group of friends (and fellow INB Ambassador Jill) we all decided to get and wear our INB holiday sweaters for Mickey’s Jingle Jungle 5K…we had a blast by the way. What I liked was when I got hot, it was VERY easy to roll up my sleeves in such a manner that the tee actually looked like it was short-sleeved. It continued to perform amazingly with no chafing and still allowed for plenty of air to circulate through and of course wicking sweat!

Yesterday during my last half marathon of the year, I ran the local Holiday Half Marathon…which happens to be located less than a mile from my dad’s house, so that made life easy! Winter in Southern California can be…well…what’s winter really? We had a high of 74 degrees yesterday. It was a brisk 45 in the morning (which for some of you is considered a heat wave), so I couldn’t wait to wear my festive tech tee again to this race. As the race got warmer, I used the same techniques for rolling my sleeves as I did previously. I received lots of compliments on my tee, and cheers as I came across the finish with a new PR of 1:57 for the half marathon!

If you are looking for shorts or a skirt to pair them with, denim is a popular favorite or even try the Brave plaid designs! Both are causal yet festive! Don’t forget to pair it with a tech tube as well to keep your face warm! There is a holiday themed tube available if you want to match 😉

Now I did say I plan on wearing this tee casually as well…I have a holiday party at work on Thursday…problem solved.

Everyone needs this in their closets. Both red and navy sweaters are available at! Don’t forget, for new customers to INKnBURN, create an account on their website and use discount code ‘LinzieToldMe’ to save 15% on your first purchase! I wonder what fun cooky design they will have next year?