Hello From The NEW Command Central

Hi Friends!

Well, this is fun and new. We have officially completed the transition from See Sharp Run to the all new Sharp Endurance web experience. I appreciate all of the support and patience as we went through this really exciting change. So, this is where I will be blogging from from here on out, so tell a friend! Coming up in the next few weeks I will have a race review of the Ventura Marathon which I will be taking on on Sunday, some product reviews on the latest RunnerBox, and my lovely Apera duffle bag, and I will be launching a giveaway for you to win a chance to run with me at REVEL Canyon City in Southern California in November!

I have so many funtastical things planned to share with all of you. Please share and tell the world that we have arrived and Command Central is online and ready to inspire and motivate you! Hit me with some comments kids! Let me know what you think of the new home. We will make making some minor adjustments as we move along so I thank you again for understanding. Before I sign off, I want to thank Becca @OneLittleBecca for her amazing work in transitioning my website. She worked tirelessly for THREE WEEKS to get this done. I couldn’t have done this without her. I also want to thank Pavement Runner Brian for all of his awesome work with the logo and branding for this page! He truly is a genius! And finally, every last one of you for your support, kind words, feedback, and thoughts on the migration and changes. You guys do make the difference!

Welcome to Sharp Endurance!


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